Tuesday, June 11, 2013, 4:12 PM

I miss those young time

Monday, June 10, 2013, 5:52 PM
Part of life

When life hits us hard all we have to do is to stand up strong and fight again. Words are cheap. We pass through phases of our life and i guess this phase of my life have come after 1 year of trying to forget about stuff that happened before. It hits me back even harder 3 years later, and this time and i have to face it again. i dont deny that the past one year of my life have been awesome thanks for making me believe in everything again thanks for sowing in my life and make me better after something bad. i was mean in the past because i was hurt and now i decided to give my all i had to reap what i have sowed previously. I didnt want things to turn out this way but staying here is bringing me heartache. i will miss the memories.

i hate saying goodbye. So i will end off here with a smile :) monkey

Sunday, May 23, 2010, 1:42 PM

im moving on,

Sunday, May 9, 2010, 2:23 AM

im still not sleeping, not sleeping,not sleeping, not sleeping,not sleeping, not sleeping,not sleeping, not sleeping,not sleeping, not sleeping,not sleeping, not sleeping,not sleeping, not sleeping,not sleeping, not sleeping,not sleeping, not sleeping,not sleeping, not sleeping,not sleeping, not sleepingnot sleeping, not sleeping,not sleeping, not sleeping,not sleeping, not sleepingnot sleeping, not sleeping,not sleeping, not sleepingnot sleeping, not sleepingnot sleeping, not sleepingnot sleeping, not sleeping. i am finally online!!
MAC BOOK is a total distraction i;ve been glued to my laptop. like i just cant bare to move a single bit -.-
man, please i still got whole loads of projects to do~ due dates is like soon, plenty of stuff to study if i want to go POLY!!! come on nat please take your eyes of "me"= mac book. boooo goodnights. mother's day TODAY :P celebrating in a few hours time i think! wakakaka. enough of getting sabo-ed in school/class
i wont talk in school anymore :P just kidding.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010, 9:23 PM

I just spent 1 hour of my time uploading photos in fb. argh! more project & class assignment to come~ fall asleep in test -.- thank God i finished the questions. i was scribbling away gone case ): mama~ UPDATE UPDATE.  off to bed soon.


Monday, May 3, 2010, 7:54 PM

a joke in school today! ultimate joke -.- 200 "i will never eat in class again"
oh yes, i wanna thank my wonderful ANGEL yongjun ;) for spamming me chips & sweeets

today im blogging about smsing, i blog to keep myself AWAKE cause i need to do my project like NOW & i need to hand in tomorrow ): if i dont i got to minus 15% from my assignment. & my assignment is ARTICLE if u know me i dont read newspaper & i dont like to read.
but until one day i started reading newspaper, until now im still reading & i starting to love to read :P
sigh, my whole day is fully packed. argh im talking to myself. OK so about my topic for today smsing, hahahaa. so basically, friends have been asking why i dont reply text or i text them halfway & i dont reply.

there's three reason why i dont reply texts:
1) Nothing to reply. 
( i hate thinking, i dont want to think what to reply -.- if it makes me think i wont reply.)
2) No point replying. eg,
(hi nat, lets meet up?)
3) i feel that you're messaging me cause u're bored(which i hate the most) eg,
(hi nat, teacher is talking NONSENSE!!)
4) i dint receive ur text!
some friend will come & ask me NAT!!! why i text u, NO REPLY? trying to act dao?

so seriously all i say is either i feel that its really no life or i dint recieve ur text ;) i dont like the word dao.
im not, i am a ultra friendly women ;P my classmates says they never see me 'moody' before & i always smile
like this ((((: and laugh OUT LOUD which many of u will agree.

also i've cut down on smsing alot i mean i find it no point.. like seriously~
and i dont go MSN. haha the only way to keep in touch is talk to me face to face i will be most glad to
talk crap with u! no reason for me not replying people face to face :x

those text i reply:
1) long text messages(with replyable topic).
2) My close friends/cell groups, eg. (feedback).

yea im talking nonsense anyway, oh yes my hamburger keychain is given by my bestfriend i dint buy it
purposly if it werent given by her i wouldnt hang it :) organise your things well and there will be time, when u're tired just go and sleep. i always do that, too tired to bother about anything except quiet time :D

PS: my sunday is a 'high' day ;P
PS: doesnt matter who's serving, as long as i know im serving above all is vanity. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010, 11:31 AM

school life is not bad i guess, great friends ;) i think im beginning to talk like a malay. Please take the 'sia' away from me!!! haha, my uniform change to a long sleeves shirt. ARGH, formal!! i dont really like formal though. No choice, im tired everyday ): please slap me awake, i dint fall asleep in class, but teacher aint teaching too -.- NGEE ANN poly is seriously cool HAHA ;P im have a 2day 1 night camp @ singapore
discovery center, got to reach joo khoon at 730am tomorrow & back on friday.


Sunday, April 18, 2010, 7:56 PM

i got my mac boooooook pro~ and im flying over to the moon now ;) wahahaha. dont really get use to the parts yet as in i plug in my usb cable from my camera my pictures is nowhere to be seen -.- arghh. im tired going to bed like soooon. its early, school life to me is like no life. boo. tues im not going to school looking forward to that :x because im going to hospital for another check-up. mama~ pray for me man.
ps: im 164cm, i've only grown 1cm within 1year -.- goodness.
study hard nat!! 


Thursday, April 15, 2010, 7:14 PM
school days

i miss TB, now im in LB, class TB went seperate ways some to private some to other course some retake nitec, now in my class LB im with hafiz, warda, jocelyn & christina.. my baby is different class from me toooo~ oh manzxzx im a loner in class :P just kidding im not so emo, i hang out with different clique nowadays
i met up with JW sometimes in school too ;) weilong, weixiang & andrew are in the same school as me.

i've my 'eating' clique i've my 'go home' clique, i've 'talking' clique too. i jump here & there at times means no fixed friendsss. i am a loner sometimes too :O hahaa i like to be alone, but anw i mix with malays more, well its good huh i wont have any chance to speak in chinese, hahaah. LTO is seriously tiring i go school at 8am end school at 5pm school is not near my house i need to take 1hour ride, in july when my school is shifting to CCK i'll take 1hour 30mins to travel. arghh. SCREAM with me please.

i literally fall asleep in school everyday, i didnt purposly to sleep i mean i am listening then my eyes started
closing when copying down notes & i went ZZZ. plus i've been rushing here and there for bs, meeting up cg memebers and stuff i dont even have time to charge my phone.. mak~ hahaha.

my class is full of O levels student, this year is goona be a real challenging year for me im not good in studies i mean im not like some people that doesnt have to study & eventually get those real good marks and have a smooth life, go in JC and eventually UNI. im a slow learner, i am not good in studies, not good in english.. etc. infact i am not good in anything, in my whole class the i may consider the lowest GPA to got in LTO
wherelse others got like 4GPA?! i mean im only 3.1!! but well, the only thing i know is i love God, i believe that thru Him all things are possible, i shall me the top and not bottom, above and not beneath.

 Remember the formal days?

Yinen's birthday.

 H1N1 days ;P i was collecting sticker to countdown for august 12th last year.


 remember when i hit my leg against the whiteboard? & unable to walk.. she carried me ;) how sweet.

others got to study, i just have got to study extra hard.. im aiming for 4GPA end of this year! 

;) i shall do my best, and He will do the rest, i am not dishearten 

Sunday, April 11, 2010, 8:10 PM
last day of holiday

last week of holiday ): but it have been a fruitful weeeek.
wed & thurs have been practising dance & performing @ fajar sec ;) 
 awesome time with city care & with 
7dwarf ;) we created a group name 7dwarf which includes brand,jas,jl,huishan,stella,ch & myself. 
 when everytime we see each other in church/outside. we cant say each other name or say hi we must
*dance*: "whatsup""kiampa" yea actually this is the funny/cool part so we just made this as our trademark.
first time ever in my life i dance until so crazy -.- we were like sweating like mad. might post up the video 
if i've to moooood to do so :x as school is reopening like tomorrow..

*link to my previous post, i say i've been eating.. yea proven! i will seriously roll home one day. 

sat night after service/fellowhship missed the last bus & cab home with them, MIDNIGHT CHARGE somemore. sigh! no choice i wanted to cab 'fast' but oh well..

huishan,jaslyn & jinliang came over my house & stayed like 2 times this week we've been together since thursday all the way to sunday great fellowship. because we will get busy with school/cg. 

PS:got to sleep @ 10pm tonight, hopefully i can sleep. 

woooooo off for dinner!

Monday, April 5, 2010, 9:11 PM

i've been eating all day long like a pig -.- sooner or later i wont need any transport, i will just roll home.

self-reminder* stop eating or you will go brankrupt.

mum's getting me a mac book pro, but it ran out of stock how sad ): few months ago im looking forward
to school reopening, but now.. it feel so. oh well! i will get to meet more friends ;) more challenges too.


Thursday, April 1, 2010, 1:23 AM
Exclusive post!

It was an awesooooome day ;) spent the whole day doing easter cards. super tired but finally felt the sense of sastisfaction!!!my life's awesome, cell group's awesome, God's awesome :p i miss cruise Jinliang & me was like... last day of cruise aww man all the peacefulness is GONE ): seriously when you're on cruise looking
at the sea and stuff wow its like everything is gone ur stress/burden just makes me feel like staying there
forever.. but i knew i cant we still have loads of things for us to do. all we did on the cruise was
sleep/eat/watch tv -.- the bed is like, magical power man~ when we lie on it & next moment is the next day
alr. FOOD! wow! the food there is yummy i keep eating & eating non-stop i think i put on a few KG.

i know its little bit random but im currently addicted to this:

anw, i-am-going-to-upload-PAST photo ;P opps jas,jl & huishan is goona kill me. well, not much photos from the past but alooooot of memories

Jinliang's lip piercing in the past :x

Sunday, March 21, 2010, 12:14 AM

okay~ so here comes the big day ;) blink*
im going cruise in few hours time. miss me people. Going for 4day with jinliang, mum, her friends & im bringing my duck along which is also jinliang! hahaha, goona have lots of fun, i hope. eat & eat & eat, play & play & play :x ah, speaking of going overseas jinliang is the first women.. no lah my first friend.. ah no no no my bestfriend she went we me thru places as far as hongkong & we've done nonsense thing more than anyone could think of she's like my 'sister' i call her mushroom. why? cause both our leader gave us the name ;P yongxiu & waiyin. maciam is like her birthday or she's getting married talking all bout her -.-

1Cor 13:11 
When I was a child, I speak as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. 

God spoke to me after pastor kong preaching on monday, around wed/tues.
it was really amazing on how He speak to me ;)

When I was a child, I speak as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child..
its like when i am a youth i speak as a youth & understood as a youth

nothing much bout this? well, let me go in deeper. 
youth age is from 12-18? around there yea. 
normally this age range people always think about this :"can i get attach now?","i want to work & earn money like how adult do"..etc. 

we only have this few years to only become a youth. do what a youth should be doing now..
studies, ministry, family. do all out for God while we're still a youth, serving God while we're young.
when you grow old do you think reaching out to people, bringing people to christ will be easier?
the best is do it while we're young..after the age you have other commitment this is when we face another side
of our life..

when i understood this i realise im already 17 going on to 18 this year
i miss out alot, i wasted my youth, so i just want to say while you're a youth lets do all out for God. after this 
you will be doing what a adult/young adult is doing. you've other commitment

i know i cant stay 17 forever, do what u can now better then you turn back & regret.

ps:pictures taken not long ago this time :P
got to pack my luggage! tired :o


Tuesday, March 16, 2010, 7:24 PM
My God Provides.

Arise & build~ 
whew its really a time where we really have to save & sacrifies;
late night, when you've no more bus home u cant take cab even its that far still have to walk home.
who can resist the temptation of foood? i cant even 1meal 6plus-10plus i cant afford it, stuff self with
bread & maggie noodle.
oh man, speaking about clothes, previously when arise & build have not start all the clothes and stuff cant tempt me, but nooow! the devil is smart huh? but im SMARTER :p though i've aloooooot of things i want to
buy & i cant stop thinking about it far too much i WRITE down ;) there's like more then 20things that i want! nevermind when my birthday arrives HAHAHAHA i know what to do. clever right?

speaking of all those thing, you think my God have shortchange me? NAH!!!! hahaha He is awesome, all i
do is just pledging & confirming my amount & God bless me back sooo much i mean its really alot to me.

1st) Well, i need a new music device, as my 2008 birthday present sensa MP4 from the JW brothers has worn out i need a new device & wrote it down in my notes... few days later my dad gave me a creative mp4 ;) cool right, although its not itouch or ipod but creative is not that bad right ;)

2nd) saw xianbi at mac last sat, he approach me & say he wants me to be his cousin's blog shop model he is paying me! not only him his cousin will be paying me too! infact higher then his ;)

3)My dad is goona sponser my ezlink card & top up for me every week $30 ;) i can take bus & train on his expenses!

4) i want a laptop badly ): my mum is goona get me a vaio laptop in JUNE! 

5) CRUISE!my mum bless me a trip to penang/phuket this coming sun!

& i still want to emphasize i only pledge.. i havent give my money yet! if i give i *wonder* 
God will give me the whole singapore man ;)

ps: pictures above are overdue pict again ): 

baby jas, am so sorry will give you ur present ASAP


Friday, March 12, 2010, 2:44 PM

time fly~ its now mid march starting school real soon got to face to fact that i've to travel all the way to cck.
but its ok i can meet up Jas chuah ;) Did lots of 'first time' thing with JL blood test etc. got to collect my report  after visiting thailand, whew pray that it'll be positive, if not i've to go for surgery :s
Leaving for cruise soooooon~ 21st-24th of march! with JL.

He speak to me in many areas of my life, that day during quiet time He asked do i love Him? i mean an obvious question all christian will say YES I LOVE GOD!!! but deep inside do i really really really love Him?
or am i just saying i love Him & thats all? and He ask me how much do i love Him? Self-reflect.....
i pause-ed for a long time in silent, deep in thought, mediate on His word after one day i was bathing i wonder
why God always speak to me when im bathing -.-

His love for us cant be measure, He love us so much that
He SENT His son for us & Jesus even was crucified on the cross, but Jesus didnt have to do that.
Its because God loves us so much that He sent Jesus. everytime when we're tired we often neglacted God without spending time with Him, reading His word etc. just spending a little bit of our time talking to Him building relationship with Him its what we got to do, because He love us so much & just 1/4 of our day with
Him, is it so difficult? He longs for a relationship with us, but He never forces it. lets make a conviction today,
dont just talk, but lets do the work. dont say we love Him but do it to show that we love Him & longs for a
relationship with Him.

i've got to improve :)

ps: the above picture is taken last month :x

Wednesday, March 3, 2010, 11:18 PM

Have been having a weak stomach~ boooo, i dont know what wrong food did i eat but grrr vomiting in the middle of the night is real terrible, seriously. i cant hardly eat & all one whole day i just eat oatmeal even less then half of it, my 'brother' say i've grown skinnier -.- i mean if i continue to become skinnier i'll be like a pole.. till then nobody will ever recognize me. today i finally can eat abit some meat & noodle but not much still feel like puking. put blusher on my face & my 'brother' still say i look pale say until like he really see ghost -.- today's cherie's birthday got to bid farewell to my beloved 10flowers as i've bible study am so sorry ): im
totally broke~building fund is coming!! i am excited!!;) waiting for greater breakthrough. hopefully my 'youth' will grow stronger in the Lord & they will have a closer intimacy with God.

CNY @ josephine's house, her cute baby ;) which is my hmmm.. what do u call your consin's child?

My beautiful/wonderful cousin. she's pretty right! you guys out there dont drool man~ want her number
wait long long :p


Sunday, February 21, 2010, 10:35 PM
A long post, please read at the bottom the most important part.

Whole of CNY week= out out out,
1st(sun & mon), spent my with relative & mush(jinliang)
2nd(tues), went out with sandra babe.
3rd(thurs), jonathan. (found out his actual name is jonathan & not jon)
4th(fri), cg steamboat.
5th(sat), second CNY visitation
6th(sun), service/work/dinner.

wonders where my wed go? hahaah! sleeping at home & BS ofcourse.

 this is what happen when you dont have CL teachers guide, print out from waiyin's email.

 This was what happen on friday night after CNY service, 'early cny countdown'
 My savings for year 2009 $400plus
 trying to make 'dou ji yan" ;)

 My dress for CNY/

 My gift from bestfriend ;)

 Universal studio, CHOCOLATE WORLD! ;)

mum & mum's friend "siao liao~"

 I was wearing that 7-8cm high heels, that make me take every step 5mins -.- my mum even say i 
look like pregnant women when i step out the cab.. no more heels.
change back to flats!!!! ;) singapore river.

Last but not least i would like to share my testimony for this week! be good & read people ;)
ITE application results was out on thurs and i applied :
1st choice :LTO(CCK)
2nd choice: Event Management(BISHAN)
3rd: Admin(SIMEI)
and so on.
so.. thurs 2plus i went into the ITE website & see which course i was in, to my surprise it was the 3rd choice i was like ...... sighhhhh~ WHY ADMIN?!!? is my result really that lousy? i was the top few in tourism.  i was worrying about it the whole day i even told jon about it, he heard me rant..
super sad, i mean i wanted to go in EVENT MANAGEMENT, never ever tot that i'll go the 3rd choice
the worst is until 2nd choice i thought. until in the night Hafiz called and said i have a slim chance of going in LTO, i rather go in LTO then Admin although LTO is at chua chu kang & admin is at simei but i dont like that course.   i can see my future in SIMEI i think i wont enjoy my life there man. was super down that night,  i kept confessing the WHOLE day that i'll go in LTO LTO LTO LTO! 


next day on friday i called my teacher 
 Nat:hi cher, nat here i really need to go in admin?
Mrs Ho:HUH?! what u talking you're in LTO!
Nat: haha, cher dont lie ah no need to be afraid to hurt my feeling.
Mrs Ho: siao ah, u think i so free? bring $100 when school start & pass it to me & YES U WENT IN LTO!
i hang the call & i was like,!!!!AHHHHH!!!!! when we confess there's power
can u imagine i kept confessing until my lost my voice?
amazing? not me but My God. He is awesome.

I mean this course is a prestigious course, many want but quite a few got in but by the grace of God
i got it ;) wherelse my 10 flowers some dint get selected in any courses, i think its kind of unfair
as in the O levels student are snatching our place.. and where can we go?? dont worry flowers
i'll keep you guys in prayers. & my baby your name wont be in the waiting list but  will be IN LTO with ME!! :)

YAWN good nights~ morning prayer meet TMR!!